Our Story

Newell's Botanicals was originally founded by Newell Taylor as a small family business, making natural and organic skin, body, and hair care products and distributing them at local farmers markets in California. In 2016, Chelsea Dudgeon, a medicinal cannabis expert, joined the company and began working on a product to help her grandmother battle severe aches and pains caused by arthritis and decades of manual labor.


Using flowers and herbs she grew herself, Chelsea infused a unique blend of oils with powerful anti-inflammatory compounds engineered by mother nature herself. The result, tested and approved by "Nanny", became Deep Skin Penetrating Topical Oil, and in December of 2016 Chelsea and Newell entered Deep Skin in the prestigious Emerald Cup, the largest cannabis festival and competition in the world.


Out of dozens of competitors, Deep Skin took first place in the Topicals category, giving the brand instant validation. In 2017, Newell's Botanicals incorporated as a Benefit Corporation in the State of California, and took home another first place win in the Topicals category at the Emerald Cup.


In compliance with new California regulations, all cannabis-infused product manufacturing was moved to a licensed facility in 2018. In December, Deep Skin Penetrating Topical Oil once again won first place in the Topicals category at the Emerald Cup, making history as the only product in history to win the award for three consecutive years.

Our Philosophy

Sunflower Close Up

Power in Nature

Newell's Botanicals is committed to using only natural, safe, and nourishing ingredients. Our products do not contain:


Sulfates (SLS)

Fragrance Oils

Petroleum Products

Toxic Preservatives

Whenever possible we use ingredients that are certified organic, sustainably produced, and locally sourced. As a Benefit Corporation we are committed to have a net positive impact in the industries and communities in which we operate. We support efforts to increase the volume of organic farmland, and initiatives for sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices that reintegrate plants and animals into a healthy ecosystem.​

We Believe the Future is Sustainable

Our team at Newell's Botanicals has been gardening at our small homestead using traditional, sustainable practices and principles derived from studies in Permaculture, Biodynamics, and Korean Natural Farming.

We have seen first hand how organic, integrative, and intentional ecosystems can thrive while also producing abundant resources for human use.

Better still, these practices prevent soil erosion, restore water tables, and sequester literal tons of carbon into soil and plants that otherwise would be CO2 in the atmosphere.

When you use our products you are voting with your dollar to live in a world with cleaner air and water, healthier food and personal products, and happier people. We think it's better that way.

Growing Plants
Natural Medicine

Founded on Facts Not Fads

At our hearts we are scientists, but that doesn't mean that we write off botanical ingredients as some kind of hippie magic.

On the contrary, we choose natural ingredients specifically because their effects have been affirmed by over 2,000 years of known human use. That study might not be peer reviewed, but it does represent an enormous wealth of traditional knowledge that we cannot ignore.

Modern studies tend to support the efficacy of a number of botanical ingredients, and in many cases the active ingredients are known and well documented. We perform extensive research on any ingredients that we are considering for our products, and carefully weigh the entire body of facts, both from traditional knowledge and conventional studies.