Frequently asked questions

Can anyone buy Newell's Botanicals cannabis products or do I need a medical marijuana card?

Since California voters passed prop 64 you do not need a medical cannabis card to buy Deep Skin or other cannabis infused products. Any adult that is 21 or older can buy our products from dispensaries and delivery services that carry them. If you are an adult age 18-20, you need a medical recommendation from a physician to buy cannabis products.

Can using cannabis topicals that contain THC make me high? Or fail a drug test?

No! Our infused cannabis topicals contain very small amounts of THC, and mostly feature THC-A, which is non-psychoactive, meaning it won't get you high. But, even cannabis salves with lots of THC in them still won't have that effect, because they stay localized to the application area and don't absorb into the blood stream. Do not confuse transdermal patches with topicals; transdermal patches are designed to transmit cannabinoids into the blood stream.

I don't live in California. Can I still get products from Newell's Botanicals?

We do make a few products that do not contain cannabinoids, and these are available from our webstore. Products like Deep Skin, which contain cannabinoids, cannot be distributed over state lines. Currently we only manufacture in California, so topical cannabis products are not available in any other states.