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When wildfire season rolls through California every year we make these herb sachets for our closest friends and family. When added to boiling water, the steam produced is deeply therapeutic and can help resolve even the most persistent respiratory issues. The herbs are gathered from our permaculture garden, right in the heart of California's central valley where many of these herbs can be found growing wild, including the star of the show, mullein. These sachets are reasonal, and availability is dependent upon the size of our yearly harvest, so don't hesitate to claim yours today.


Mullein: Traditionally used for respiratory disorders and as an expectorant and cough suppresant.


Peppermint: Traditionally used to manage colds, coughs, sore throat, and sinus and respiratory infections.


Yarrow: Traditionally used as an antimicrobial, an expectorant, and to fight throat and sinus inflammation.


Rosemary: Traditionally used to relieve sinus, throat, and respiratory congestion and as an antiseptic to fight infections.

Breathe Easy - Herbal Steam Bath

  • Mullein buds and flowers*, Peppermint leaves*, Yarrow buds and flowers*, Rosemary leaves*


    *Wildcrafted or Permaculture Ingredient

  • Unused products may be returned within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.