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Live Sugar - Our sugar contains small chunks of crystallized THC, bound together by terpenes and cannabinoids. A dry looking sugar offers higher THC potency, while a wet sugar tends to be more full-spectrum, retaining more of the subtle flavors and characteristics from the parent strain. Checkout the potency breakdown on our packages to find the right product for you.


Diamond Sauce - If precious diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then THCa diamonds are a dabber’s best friend. Nothing compares to THCa diamond! No form of hash, concentrates, or extracts look, taste, or feel like diamonds.


Crumble - Crumble is a potent, malleable concentrate that people love because it's easy to use and tastes great! At Woodland Wax Co. we've achieved a form of crumble that maintains its stability without losing the natural flavor from the original strain. A Woodland Wax Co. classic!


Woodland Wax - 1g Concentrates (Multiple Strains)


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